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Gamma Kappa Phi Social Group on Facebook is comprised of more than 3,400 members and administered by elected Admins who serve for a 3-year official term. Admins serve their functions under the rule of the Code of Conduct here in the website's Chatroom and on the Facebook Group.

Being one of the largest college and alumni fraternity and sorority in the Philippines, Gamma Kappa Phi (ΓΚΦ) has more than 20,000 living members, including over 5,000 college undergraduates and more than 50 school chapters, city and provincial alumni councils throughout the Philippines and abroad.

The "Kappans" as a whole organization was not free from certain issues of its history and organizational concerns that adversely affected it towards achieving its objectives. The tenets of Brotherhood, Service, and Honor is in the “mainstream” way of thinking between members. Gamma Kappa Phi cannot exist for long and in harmony as one united organization when the members are divided on certain issues, and the division is caused by different mind set and personal values, which are seemingly irreconciliable among members.

Finally, there is no better way to withstand this divergence but to promote a camaraderie of social connection in preserving the meaning of this organization. Gamma Kappa Phi Social Website was created as a venue and rendezvous of 'sovereign' Kappans.



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