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Gamma Kappa Phi was founded one beautiful day on October 9, 1962, as ten students attending the Divine Word College gathered to transform 'Gentlemen's Club' as a fraternity and planted the seed of brotherhood..

For many months the bonds of harmony had drawn these ten gentlemen together;now the need became clear for a formal formation to embody their vision. Thus, not only did the Founders formalize their good will, though they also established a fraternity immersed in the lore of the past and devoted to the pursuit of their education. The new fraternity brothers entered their bond in a structure and in a pledge that set forth the goals and foundation to all Gamma Kappa Phi or Kappans today.

Give me some men who are stout-hearted men, Who will fight, for the right they adore, Start me with ten who are stout-hearted men, And I'll soon give you ten thousand more. Shoulder to shoulder and bolder and bolder, They grow as they go to the fore.

From the song 'Stout-hearted Men' by Perry Askam

The organization was started as a group called as G-Club or Gentlemen's Club by mostly liberal arts students of the school's College of Law. A professor of the College of Law, lawyer Rosemarie Beldia suggested the formation of Gamma Kappa Phi.

She convinced her brother, Antonio Beldia III, to transform the club into a brotherhood or fraternity. Antonio called for a meeting with his fellow members and agreed to formally rename the G-Club into the Gamma Kappa Phi Fraternity with Vicente Baquial, Florante Cimagala, Alfonso Damalerio, Lauro Dominese, Landelino Maslog, Fernan Maslog, Romulo Racho, Godofredo Sinajon and Prisco Viñalon, comprising the ten founding members.

The Founders

Public & Community Service

Metro Manila Kappans Alumni Council have accomplished their participation for voluntary community service, donations and assistance to orphaned children in coordination with Pasay City Administration.

Student Member Assistance

Mapet Gal M. Gabe was the first recepient of Gamma Kappa Phi Student Scholarship sponsored by USA Alumni Chapter. He completed his MS Marine Biology at Mindanao State University in 2014.

Alumni Members Assistance

Most of the Alumni who are employed and working overseas are participating to donate contributions and fundings to councils and chapters for financial support of their noble programs.

School Campus Service

Gamma Kappa Phi School chapters are participating campus activities as they were registered as a recognized student organization of the school student affairs department.

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